2 oz. STRESS FREE - Mistletoe, St. John's wort, ginkgo leaf, cornflower petal, lemongrass and linden. An earthy Herbal calming blend helps symptoms of depression,  including mood swings, panic attacks and anxiety in general.

2 oz. CHILL OUT - Chamomile, lavender flower, lemon balm, passionflower and peppermint. Helps reduce anxiety, helps mental focus, and mild insomnia.

2 oz. GOODNIGHT - Valerian root, passion flower, lemon balm, fennel, peppermint, anise, rosemary, rose hips, marigold. A great alternative to over the counter sleep aids. A lovely blend of relaxing herbs including peppermint will effectively put you to sleep without the grogginess. 

*these products have not been tested by the food and drug administration. Please consult a physician if you have any questions regarding any of the ingredients in these products.